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Meeting Tori Amos

On March 17, 2005- St. Patricks day. I met Tori Amos at a bookstore for a signing of her new autobiography and her new cd. It was in Washington D.C....Georgetown Barns and Knobles to be exact.

This was such a great day. :) Before I had met her I was a fan of many of her songs but not she never matched up to my heros Björk and Kate Bush. But since I have met her, I have got to say I have a better appreciation of her and her music. She seems to be such a sweet lady and when you meet her you can tell she is REAL. Her music is not meant to conform to society in order to win fans or money, her music is from the heart. I went to meet her with my friend Tahney who is one of her biggest fans. I´m so glad I did. I´m so glad that I avoided crying or any screaming, foolish fan behaviour because I might not have made a connection with her if I did. When I went up to her at first I could tell she had sort of a blank stare, a fake smile a happy put on mask for fans in order to protect herself but she shook my hand and asked my name and as she started to sign my book I told her I just had one question. I asked her if she ever had a concert in Iceland. At that very moment I got her attention....she slowly turned her head and looked right at me. She said with a big smile 'actually , yes I did!' I think the fact that I was not groveling at her feet but rather talking to her in a normal way got her to take off her fan shielding mask. we then proceeded to talk about Iceland a bit. It was nice.I told her the reason I wanted to know is because I was moving there in a year with my icelandic fiancé and hoped she would do a concert there someday. She commented on the drinking and partying she noticed when she was there and that Iceland is green and greenland is icy. I told her I was there 5 times but never in winter and then we both said at the same time "it can get depressing then!" ,I said "yeah 'cause it stays all dark!" she said "yeah but then all light for the summer! so you should maybe go to spain in the winter or get a summer home there." and I said "or i'll just come back here to visit my mom! "She said she liked Iceland very much, that it was beautiful. She asked her body gaurd to try to help her remember the exact year of the concert....they said that they think it was 1992. I think she said she had been there other times as well just for fun but I can´t rememeber exactly i was sorta in a state of excited confusion. She congratulated me of my future marriage and wished me a happy life in Iceland. In both my book and cd she wrote to Kathy <3 (heart)Tori Amos. When she handed me my book and cd she had such a sweet smile and she said "there you go gorgeous!" I was on cloud nine. I couldn't belive she said that to me. It both raised my self esteem and made me feel embarrassed at the same time.I told her I was nervous mostly because of the crowd and all the hype surrounding her she said "ah don't worry about them " as she nodded at the crowd and winked at me. And then as I was about to thank her and walk away so the next person could meet her, she opened her arms and offered me a hug! I didn't even ask. :) As I walked away I said "thanks for the music!" She smiled and winked once again.:) Tahney made a connection with her too, she got extra little drawings in her book...a smily face, a star and a heart. We were both happy cornflake girls. :)

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