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in the dark

14 December 1977
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My life is rated NC-17.
What is your life rated?

I write mostly highly personal poetry/lyrics and some very hardcore poetry/lyrics here. Some art and memorable things posted as well.

Love to:
Axel (my boyfriend)
jupiterflamed (my online/once met pal)

my other journal is for whatever:
abstract art, alice in wonderland, an pierlé, anja garbarek, arcade fire, art, arthur rimbaud, avant-garde, babes in toyland, bad taste, bathtub, bjork, björk, bloem de ligny, blonde redhead, bonnie prince billie, carl jung, cats, coldplay, colors, courtney love, dali, dancer in the dark, deftones, depeche mode, dolls, dreams, einar örn, faeries, faroe islands, faroese, fiona apple, flowers, fractals, frida kahlo, fucking åmål, gabriela kulka, georges bataille, germantown, god/dess, goldfrapp, hole, iceland, icelandic, infinity, jeff buckley, joanna newsom, kat bjelland, kate bush, kelis, kittie, kitties, kukl, labyrinth, lamb, languages, legend, lolita, lorca, magga stína, magick, many icelandic bands/singers, marilyn monroe, maryland, mermaids, metaphysics, music, mysticism, mythology, múm, n.e.r.d., night, nordic stuff, norwegian, numbers, occult, paganism, painting, panthiesm, philosophy, photography, pi, pj harvey, poet, poetry, poetry (very picky), polichinelle, portishead, psychology, pythagoras, quantum physics, radiohead, regina spektor, runes, science, sexuality, sigur rós, silver, singing, siouxsie and the banshees, smashing pumpkins, snail mail, snow, sophie's world, sparkles, spinoza, spirituality, sun ra, surrealism, swedish, sylvia plath, synchronicity, synesthesia, t.a.t.u., tappi tíkarrass, tarot, the dreaming, the moon, the never-ending story, the piano, the pixies, the ring, the sea, the secret garden, the secret of nimh, the sugarcubes, the sun, the universe, the wizard of oz, thrift stores, tori amos, total eclipse, tricky, uniqueness, venus hum, victorian, water, wicca, witchcraft, worm is green, writing poetry/lyrics, yeah yeah yeahs, Írafár, ísland,